Family is forever. 👑 #twins
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#younglife tonight is the place to be on a Monday. Starts at 7:29 and it’s at 729 n Florida ave Deland. Be there. For #doughnutolympics #dontbeleftout @younglife (at YL House)
ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S DONUT OLYMPICS! Come to 729 N Florida Avenue tonight at 7:29 pm and enjoy over 200 donuts with me! ✌️ (at YL House)
WANNA BE A YOUNGLIFE LEADER!? Join me tonight at 6pm at The Wesley House to learn more about how you can get involved with this amazing organization. Help us reach kids in the community on their terms, through relationships and crazy games. You’ll be glad you did! #younglife #delandyounglife ✌️ (at Wesley House at Stetson University)
✋🙋 Shout out to one of the best TLC’s the Beta Psi chapter has ever had! Thanks so much for your advice and great attitude, and not to mention your sick crafting skills. I appreciate all your help, hope to see you soon! #dumdiddlediddlediddle @stetsonzta  (at Zeta Tau Alpha House)
Hearing this guys’ heart lately has been such a beautiful experience. His passion for people and Christ and bringing the two together is so ambitious and encouraging to me and so many others.. This life brings us many changes, including our understanding of the path God wants us on. I’m so thankful that our paths crossed and formed one so long ago. I love you! #proudgirlfriendpost

Sailor’s Valentine - Request

Chiquita Bonita - Request
"But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too”
Nights like these with my sisters driving to the beach, laughing, singing, and chasing crabs is what I will miss most when I’m gone. 💜🌊🐳 (at New Symerna Beach, Florida)
In honor of my big bub’s return home from Uganda, here’s a photo accurately depicting his supportive and loving role in my life. I’m upset I couldn’t be there for you today, but I hope to see you soon. Love you so so much. 💜 #marinecorps